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So what's next, in terms of Lore?

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With the Sylvari coming to terms with the fact that they are the minions of an Elder Dragon, and the Humans dealing with the betrayal of one of their gods, I can't help but wonder what is next in terms of major developments.

Is the major splintering or inversion of leadership values (and the potential chaos thereof) the main driving conflict for these story releases? Should we expect to see more? Are we going to see inversions of the current leadership/belief/faith systems of the major races (for example: Titans returning, maybe some charr want to worship them again. Inquest overtakes Asuran Arcane Council, some manipulation of the Norn by the Spirits of the Wild for some reason)?

Just curious about where people speculating about the general storyline think it's heading, given what we have so far.

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