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A nub question sorry if this has been asked before

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I am a totally new player to GW2 and learning most stuff by trail and error and reading the different help guides. But I have looked and can not find the answer to this question: At what level can I get a mount and where? I see quite a few players my level (level 17) riding mounts, but all I can find in the information is you have to be level 80 to do quests to get a mount. I know its not a very long run between areas but a mount is still cool to have. I have the GW2 (path of fire) upgrade but that's it so far. Also if there are any guilds that welcome new members I am on CST in the evenings and a lot on weekends (My BF travels a lot for work so I have no life LOL), give me a yell in game (IGN Killerkathy). This game seems to be interesting and I plan on sticking around, at least till the grinding gets too boring LOL.

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You need a level 80 character to get mounts, but once you've got them they're unlocked for all characters on your account even if they're below level 80.

The first one (the raptor) is given to you at the end of the first Path of Fire story mission. You can play that as soon as you're level 80, you don't have to finish your personal story or do anything else first. (If you care about following the story you might want to do it all in order, but it's repeatable so you could do it right away to get the mount, then repeat it when you come to that point in the story.)

The springer (rabbit), skimmer (manta ray) and jackal are unlocked by completing hearts in the Path of Fire maps and paying gold. The Springer costs 1g & 50 Trade Contracts (PoF map currency), the skimmer is 4g & 50 contracts and the jackal is 20g & 200 contracts. (The jackal is so much more expensive because it's not required to complete PoF.)

The griffon is only obtainable once you've completed the PoF story. It requires completing a series of achievements that involve finding griffon eggs around the desert maps, defeating enemies and buying items from heart vendors. The items cost 250g in total, but it's 10 separate items at 25g each so you don't need to save up the whole lot in one go.

If you just want a mount to get around the core Tyria maps a bit faster the raptor is probably the best choice. Both because it's the easiest to get and because it's the fastest and it's long jump is very useful. If you want it right away you could use the level 80 boost you got with PoF to make a level 80 character, do the first PoF story mission and then go back to your current character/s. (Don't worry, there are other ways to reach 80 quickly, even instantly, so it's not a big problem if you 'waste' the boost, and that character won't be locked out of anything, they can still play the entire game including the low level stories. But it couldn't hurt to pick a profession you think would be useful if you are going to do that.)

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