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Hearts and Minds

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Ive run this mission at least half a dozen times in the past and its always been the same but today it was broken beyond beliefeirs phasing was backwards meaning her shield was off when it was supposed to be on and vice versa, after about 5 minutes she just game up and stopped trying to attack me

whatever i finished it and moved on

mord fight.. well lets just saay none of it worked like its supposed tohe just camped up under on of his dot spamming floaty things with a barrier around himthere was nothing i could do

if this was my first go at finishing this then i would be very annoyed and probably ragequit for good

i suggest devs give it a once over. this mission is far too long , too important and far too much effeort for it to just bug out and become unplayable

not like anyone that matters or could even do anything about it will even bother reading this

@ below : it wasnt a matter of difficulty, it was flat out broken. Ive done that mission over a dozen times and its always been the same but this particular time it was just a huge mess.

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