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[Suggestion] Legendary Food/Util

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Alright, we have legendary armor, weapons, and we are getting trinkets. Its time for legendary food.The main idea here is food with infinite uses and effects that will stay on your character until a different food/Util is used. It would have a short collection compared to weapons or armor. It would be made with the cooking discipline.

I also have an idea regarding the effects. Basically each legendary Food/Util item would have a different stat archtype, so the legendary power food would have a bunch of different power related food effects to choose from, the healing legendary food would having healing related food effects to choose from, etc. Youd select these the same way youd change the stat on a legendary item.

The food/util could even have a minor visual effect while it is applied, however there definitely shouldn't be too much visual clutter. For a legendary util for example, maybe it could make your weapons glow with some sort of aura. For food there could be a discreet but still noticeable effect, probably at a specific body part, for example maybe your arms would give off smoke or something for power food.

I think this is a great idea, I like the idea of making a sandwich to rule all sandwiches.

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We don't even have yet Chef 500 and we don#t even have yet Exotic, nor Ascended Food and you ask already for legendary food? LOL

I thin kit would be first good, if ANet adds first finally exotic and ascended food, then we can see further with legendary Food.

Exotic Food = Basically Fine Food (Blue), with Extra long Durations and slightly stronger effects (10% more efficiency in attributes/effects)Ascended Food = Basically Masterwork Food that is shareable with others, but like Exotic Food with much longer durations and slioghtly stronger effects

That would be already a huge step forward then.

When Fine Buff Food has Durations between 30-45 minutes, should have Exotic Food durations between 1-2 hoursWhen Masterwork Food has durations of 1 Hour, should have Ascended Food durations of 3 Hours

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hmm, haven't seen these 2 yet.. k, but therefore that they are exotic, they are same as worthless, like masterwork feasts..dont even have longer lasting durations..so pointless to make themI disagree with your first statement, its neccessary to make finally all professions equal, to make the crafting system complete, to give especially jeweler again a strogn reason for existance, that anet destroyed by floodign the game with ascended accessoires right from begin on, instead of doign it slowly with a properly added jeweler 500 as well, cause then we wouldnt also have needed this time gating garbage, just to ensure, that ascended accessoires immediately lose their worth too fast ...

Somebody wanting to get the crafting jobs not fixed ever can wish only somebody who iss too poor to work on those crafting jobs to bring them to 500.Food Rarity should at least affect the durations, otherwise its totally pointless to have any rarity grades in buff items ad all and all food and boosters could be changed all into common white items.Making rarity affect the buff food/booster durations is no power creep, it woudl be just a helpful quality of life improvement for the game, having to use over a specific amount of time lesser amounts of said buff food/boosters to cover a certain playtime session you are doing for a longer tiem with those effects, havign not to redo them in the mists of your play session eventually due to the buffs lasting then long enough to coplete you play session without needing to renew your buffs.. and if ascended food would give now 10% better stats, won#t make a big difference to call it powercreep...

PvE is anyhow only fightign damage sponges, it wont make fights end much quicker now these 10%..In WvW counts only the mass of players...and for pvp you have no buff items, so there they are naturally no problem at all, those 10% better stats from ascended food. That would be from an item, that boosts normally an attribute by say 70-80 Vitality that a plus of PHENOMENAL 7-8 points more in mostly 1-2 attributrs that these items buff up .. .. WOOOOOOOW, so much powercreep /endsarcasm

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I have all the tradeskills maxed and see no reason to increase them just because some people think they should all be the same number when they're max rank. In short they're not broken because you don't like the fact that they end at 400 not 500 or because you think they should work differently and if they're not broken they don't need to be fixed (you also forgot scribe, btw, that ends at 400 too).

Adding higher stats for ascended food would be power creep, you can argue that it's not significant enough to be considered power creep but if that's the case and it's not significant then why waste time doing it at all?

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