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Why was weaver's dual attacks' CD reduction from traits removed?


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I distinctively remember that on early release, dual attacks could gain as much as -40% CD reduction if traited twice from two elements. Now it just doesn't work entirely. I could see some reasons where -40% reduction is too much but maybe a least make CD reduction trait works only -10%? That way, with 2 traits stacked, it would still be -20%.

It seems a bit unfair and counter intuitive to remove trait functionality entirely because of a design loophole.

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Anet is out right scared of making ele unkillable much like it was in the early days of gw2. So its maybe too much barrier in there views with such a low cd.

What they realty need to do is make barrier from duel skills per target hit so duel skill made for dmg that only hits 3 targets at best are build in balanced for not generating too much barrier but skills made for big groups and more def aimed wepon that hit 5 targets give out enofe barrier to be a true tankly skill. It also adds in some counter play to weaver barrier generation as in blocking and evaide becomes a good counter to it (sadly i do not think we will see the same risk reward for scorge barrier ever as necro is anets elite spec babbly and it will always be the op effect in the game).

But if they did make the duel skill base off of targets hit then yes i can see the cdr effecting the duel skill work out nicely for the class all though they will make the cd longer on the duel skill as they like to do when they add in a means of cdr to any thing in the game.

Some one needs to make a balancing flow chart for anet they are just that predicable.

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