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[Suggestion] TP 5 Min Cancel Sale Window

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It would be nice to have 5 min to retract a TP sale if I made a mistake.

They would still be immediately for sale, if someone buys it, it's gone.

The problem I have is I get in a fast rhythm when I'm selling certain types of things, usually mats, and sometimes one of the mats that like 95% of the time sells for a rock bottom price nudges up a copper or two, before falling back down for about 20 years (<-hyperbole) and then that little stack of ... whatever ... is just going to sit out there and taunt me in 'My Transactions' for all eternity (<-more hyperbole).

I usually recognize it right as I click the button and get the 'OK' confirmation. So even 60 seconds would be great.

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@notebene.3190 said:

@Tanner Blackfeather.6509 said:I would assume the idea is a window of time where you could cancel
and getting the listing fee back

Yeah, that's what I meant. Just a quick window to cancel without penalty, provide no one has bought it yet.

That undermines the purpose of the listing fee, which is to discourage people from hastily listing their items.I think we can change our habits faster (and more easily) than ANet can program something that eliminates our mistakes.

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