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Suggestion: Bonus MMR per Top Stat?


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Since matchmaking can be less than favorable at least half of the time. Would it make sense to give players an additional +1 MMR per top stat?

It would help ppl trying to carry a unwinnable match to mitigate mmr loss. And skilled players move on to where they need to be sooner.

Although the downsides, I could see the MMR player gap widening. But since only 2-3 players get top stats per match, and 1-2 tops stats of those people. I don't think it would effect this too much.

Should rewarding individual performance be a thing, or no?sPvP is a team game. But has been more about carrying these days.

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The ship has sailed on these kinds of ideas imo. They have taken away the ability to group with friends and yet don't allow you to mitigate rating loss based on your own play except by winning. All I know is if I have gotten almost all the top stats plenty of times in both wins and losses which should be impossible if the matchmaking was good. It tells me I am not being placed with players of my skill level frequently enough. I mean I play core guardian which is a spike damage build and my self healing meditations allows me to often get top healing over nubs playing dedicated support builds. It angers me actually when I get 4-5 top stats because I know im with mostly nooblars.

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