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Those Harpies in Giant Steps (Midwest Desert Highlands )

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@Martimus.6027 said:I AM playing a Staff Ele Weaver

There's your problem. Although I do play staff weaver, I do not play it for open world PvE. I get wrecked by a LOT of mobs, as it's just too glassy.

Check out some different builds and gear. You may have an easier time.....with everything. I main DH with mix of marauder/zerk gear, and play a lot of sword/dagger weaver (for open world PvE/WvW roaming) in marshal's/grieving gear, and have gone through PoF/LWS4 on both of those characters with no problems at all....even the stupid roaming hydras that show up everywhere you're trying to do something are no issue.

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