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Glyphs and weavers


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I dunno if this has been said before, but i just got into weaver and have been messing around with my build and finally deciding on arcane, air, and weaver. Now i use a staff, so most of the stances are pretty useless to me, however i still use the primordial stance and weave self, but my other utility's are glyphs. NOW...call me crazy but shouldn't i be getting the benefit of both elements i'm attuned to when i use a glyph as a weaver? That was my hope anyways i.e. two elementals being summoned....firestorm and ice storm at the same time.

What's the deal Anet?

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Well that would be broken. Generally you get your main-hand element for glyphs and some arcane traits. They were not designed with the weaver mechanics in mind like Primordial Stance. To balance glyphs in such a way you would need longer recharges or limited half-effects that would be simply underwhelming. Not to mention Elemental Storm's variable recharge time depending on which elemental storm was used. That would be a headache to program.

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