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Want more future game content and balance updates

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I am disappointed with the overall production of guild wars 2 expansions hot and Pof the amount of modes within them and content (as i thought they have learned fromt he first expansion)i do not hate the dev or admins but would like to state i am disappointed at the fact there are no new dungeons, elite modes, void asura missions, besides new elites trait system and. mounts. which is pretty much it.

I feel the overall production is dev are killing this game when it has created world history breaking current games today, if gw2 dies it will be due to lack of future content in the game.Dungeons have no changes, challenges are still the same, maps are great but does not make up for them meta where there are not enough players causing 60% of the meta to shutdown or failure due to these reason making all maps made useless.I would like more future content and more balance updates, if guild wars 2 dies it is because anet wanted the future of this game and gave up the true power of gw2 outstanding all games in the year 2018.Anet Please look into further new system, content and changes to the game. overall pve is dying for updates. we need more events rewards for the events. karma, currency and merchants items. i feel all the videos, hype and were false only showing the true content of the previous expansion only Mounts and Elite systems.Why is there not a POF dungeon OR HOT dungeon even it does not have to be apart of gw2 story but how about changes or missions with good rewards to keep players revisiting maps. and Daily meta rewards example Complete DS 10 dimes to get this reward and 1 ap point OR the MONTHLY AP (META ONLY) ....

I feel Anet can do much more and it breaks my heart to see a half production for both expansion, when there is so much more to be done..Again I LOVE YOU ANET

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Uhm... Let's see.HoT expansion, new specialization, new stats, raids introducedLS3(new story), plenty of new maps, new metas, new currencies. Some new fractals as well. Legendary armorPoF expansion, MOUNTS introduced, new LS4(new story) , new maps, more stats, more raids, new fractal, wvw and pvp get legendary armors too (rework of existing skins, but legendary armor!), WvW will get huuuge overhaul in the coming months

Yes. No content.

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