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Why doesn't ANET do something about deliberate AFKing

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I don't get it. You report someone who is boasting they are AFKing for some silly reason or another, like I don't like the way you guys are playing so I'm going AFK, or having an argument with another player and saying they are going to AFK. Even worse people do this when your team is winning. This is an open and shut case. If Anet checks the chat log and the fact they are just sitting in base, they have all the proof they need. They admit they are actually doing it. What exactly is the point of having a report option for idle players?

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@Vague Memory.2817 said:

@EthanLightheart.9168 said:Why do people want to punish already punished people and not the system?
winks to Vague

Lol, no point reporting someone who has left the match they get dishonour anyway. But someone who stays in match afking on purpose so they won't get dishonour needs to be banned from ranked.

See what they do is run into a wall the whole match and hit auto attack once in a while in the start area. They know the system then wont register them as AFK and thus the team still loses rating. And yes they need a nice big fat suspension. Never gonna happen though. :(

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no one in NA gonna hit over 2000 rating because of the rating system/ Low population. NO one in the top 10 plays more then 6 games a day because the amount you lose/gain per win is way to high so they don't want to risk their rating just to gain 4-8 points from a match where they can also lose 21+. On Average a SMART top 10 would play 4games every 3 days.

The system needs to be changed overall, It doesn't help that SOME of the top 10 has also been win traders with like 70wins over their loses and STILL not hitting 2000 rating or 1900.

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