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SAB/Super Adventure Box: What time does it end and can we still use vendors afterwards?


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Hello there, I have a couple of questions about the SAB/Super Adventure Box.

  • Will the vendors be available after the event ends? I basically want to know if I can save my crimson/tribulation tokens for when I decide what characters, builds and colour schemes I want at a later date or if I need to buy all of the skins now. Moto has been replaced with 2 holo-NPCs this year and while he was available before I don't know if this will change.
  • When will it end? I've seen things say "until the 19th" but does that mean up to but not including the 19th, so it ends at midnight tonight? Or does that mean ending at midnight tomorrow? And that's server time, right?

Sorry if these seem like silly questions, I just hate being unsure about things!

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Thank you both for your responses.

I seemed to have looked everywhere but the patch notes as nowhere else had the times listed; my fault for not checking them before asking. Good to know about the tokens, didn't know you could do that. I hope having different NPCs won't change the vendor availability for the other things after the event ends.

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