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LFG: PvP & WvW | Guild Missions Active | Adults, nothing strict

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Hello! I'm looking to get involved in a PvP & WvW guild with players who are primarily above 18 (Nothing against the younger crowd, just preference!)

I'm pretty new to PvP & WvW respectively, I'm a returning player who's finally feeling a click with GW2 for the first time and I'd like to get involved more. That being said, I'm really not looking for something super serious competitive, just a place to kick back and PvP/WvW with other people so I'm not constantly queuing alone or roaming solo. Discord is always a bonus for added communication options.

I'm also looking for something lax with rules aside from obviously don't treat people like crap. I feel kinda limited with some of the guilds I've seen who wanna thought police or culture police (people who wanna say what words you can or can't say aloud because someone, somewhere is going to take offense..when you're clearly just joking around).

I basically just wanna play some video games with people lol, please hit me up if you think you have a guild that I'd fit well in!

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Hey you, good to know. I am the guild leader of a large and active community on Darkhaven that you are welcome to join. While we do host a wide range of players of all ages, our median age is... probably about 26? While we are a Darkhaven guild, id be more than happy to help you find a guild for wvw on your server. Let me know!

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