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WvW Core Warrior duels vs Mesmers w/ Captions


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Hey guys,

This is a test video for an idea I'd maybe like to work on in the future - put more effort into, make it easier to follow, maybe conduct a verbal breakdown instead of captions, ect. The idea would be to help people understand what goes into fighting specific classes and builds in 1v1 situations.

Future videos would be longer, and go into much more depth about what I'm doing and why I'm doing it.

I'm by no means the best warrior out there but I feel that I have enough experience in WvW roaming, dueling and 1vX to be able to create informative videos. Videos not necessarily about 1v1 duels, but 1vX rundowns, interesting warrior tricks and tips that I know and other things of the sort.

This video was made at 3am and I'm very tired but I didn't want the idea to slip away from me; hence the scuffed quality, sorry!

But lemme' know what you think :)

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I really like this concept and the video was informative, mesmers right now are my worst matchup. That's common for Bronze level players i think.

The only other class that is bothering me right now is Revenant (some kind of sword build, I keep coming across roaming), I just have not fought enough of them.

Please make more.

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