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Music boxes & raids

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Hey guys!

I haven't found a discussion about it, so I'm beginning mine :smile: . I have just bought some Music Boxes from SAB (Super Adventure Box), thinking that I could play them while waiting for a boss in raid instances (you know how long waiting can be...) So I thought I could bring some joy, to make the wait less.. long..

But unfortunately, I have discovered that music boxes can't be played in raid maps. Sadness!! Do you think something can be done, so that players are allowed to use them in raid maps? Honestly, this will not give any advantages to players, or so, since there's no point in keeping these boxes when fighting an encounter... And also, if a player becomes to annoying, he can just simply get kicked by the commander?

So... What do you think about allowing music boxes in raid maps, at least?

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yoni is right, though. There is no need for music boxes in raids. Would it be a nice thing to have? Sure, probably, for the same reason that it's good that dancing and other emotes work in operations (raids), flashpoints (dungeons) and uprisings (fractals) in SWTOR. They allow people to relieve "I'm waiting" boredom. Either way, though, it isn't necessary.

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