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Dangling Carrot(Seeds)

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I appreciate the HoT addition to allow quests and crafting to obtain the Legendary Weapon precursors. I received Zap using these means. I am currently working on Kudzu and I am in the third stage. Unlike Zap, there are no definite drops for seeds (required for planting in Mount Maelstrom garden). In fact I am extraordinarily appalled by the drop rate for the seeds required to make the garden in this last step, so much so that I suspect that it might be bugged. It took a week of farming carrots in Dry Top, but the seeds finally dropped. I have been farming for chili pepper seeds for the last 3 weeks without a drop. I have been farming raspberry plants for over a week in Frostgorge Sound and my own two personal home instance plots daily without success. Do the instance plots even have a chance to drop seeds? Are they bugged? Again, I am all for the new quest method grind for precursors, but are the chances for completing Leaf of Kudzu about as likely as getting the drop itself? Is it working as intended? Should I be regretting not just buying the precursor off the trading post at this point after investing so much time and gold up till now?

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