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Game Mode Idea: Capture the Kitty


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Yes, this would feed into ArenaNet's obsession with cats. Deal with it.

I think PvP needs new game modes, and it particularly needs Capture the Flag, which is a staple of almost any other competitive game out there. Capture the Flag would encourage a greater diversity of builds and would provide some underused builds a place to exist, because niche builds could have a space to exist (Area Denial, stealth/assassinate builds, runners, etc).

The GW2 twist on it would be... capture the kitty. If you carry the cat for too long, its enrage meter builds up and it viciously scratches you and runs away. The cat in a friendly base will wander, and a team mate will have to stay with it in order to protect it. If the enemy team drops the kitty, it will gradually return back to its allied base on its own free will.

What Needs to Happen to Make it a Reality

Build Templates, plain and simple. Adding new game modes requires a way to quickly switch your build to something you've set up beforehand. In a Capture the Kitty game mode, this would also allow you to switch builds during the game in case the enemy is too strong in one particular area.

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@"Jayce.5632" said:Old but still relevant. I use to have a dream, but Anet woke me up.https://forum-en.gw2archive.eu/forum/game/cdi/Collaborative-Development-Topic-Game-Modes/page/7#post3165764

That discussion makes me think of a tug-of-war payload mechanic, and I've always found that to be tons of fun. Might even transfer well mechanically from conquest.

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