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Tarnished Coast [ZEDD]Zodiac Dynasty-Ultimate Dominator progress-WvW-GvG-Training-Scrims


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Zodiac Dynasty is an organised WvW Aussie Fight Guild in Tarnished Coast looking for loyal, core, and experienced OCX and SEA players that enjoy our play style and community. We are offering the best experience for you including Builds, WvW Raids, GvG, Scrims, and Training.

We accept people from the connected servers and those from other servers that wish to transfer (required for WvW.) The guild will help with transfer funds if needed.

Classes We're Looking For:ChronoScourgeHeraldFire BrandSpell BreakerWeaver

Raid Schedule OCX and SEA :  GMT+10 (AEST)  Saturday 21:00-0:00Sunday 22:00-1:00Monday 22:00-1:00Wednesday 22:00-1:00

(Requirements)1.) You must have at least 2k achievement points on your account to show you've been playing the game for at least a month as we are looking for players who already know the majority of how to play their class/classes.

2.) When first joining the guild, you need to show attendance to our raids (at least 2 a week) and our training to show us that you are interested in staying with us long term and trying to improve as we are NOT recruiting casual players.

3.) You MUST run the Guild Builds provided on the classes you run in ZEDD WvW Raids (if you play a ranger or thief, we will ask/suggest a different class that we think you will enjoy that is more productive in our WvW raids). You will be trained on these new classes/builds by commanders or pro members. We will help you gear up if needed.

4.) Discord IS required. We happily provide a Server Discord and Guild Discord for you to join in our Raids, Training, and other guild activities. Our preferred language is English.

5.) Rep is only required when following a ZEDD commander, but loyal guildies that want to rep 24/7 are much appreciated.

6.) You MUST follow ZEDD in Raids when in WvW, do not follow other tags.

7.) NO drama or bickering over how our commanders run the show in Raids. Do not take anything personal as we want you to improve and to do your best. We aren't abusive, but commanders will call you out and tell you what you are doing wrong. We are a very organised group, so if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen.

We accept all people of colour, race, religion, gender, disability and homosexuality.

If you are interested or have questions, please do reply to this post, PM/Mail me in game Xafire X (Sierra.6547) - Founder/Leader or any of our Officers/Commanders of the guild listed here:

Sakura (Henrik.7560) Co- Leader/CommanderVahera (roho.1256) Officer

Hope to have you join us in adventures to come….

ZEDD Recruitment Video:

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Hey, @Sierra.6547 . We are a large and active community on Darkhaven that are currently compiling a contact list of WvW guilds with somewhat casual rep requirements. We are trying to provide a resource for our cross-server guildies to find a WvW guild while still being able to participate and rep us when not in WvW. If your guild would be interested in taking on recruits on a somewhat regular basis, please let me know and we will add you to the list along with requirements for your guild!

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@Sierra.6547 No, well... not really? lol! We're just trying to provide some resources for our guildies to be able to connect with WvW guilds on their own servers. We're a large guild and are spread out across... I want to say 5 or 6 of the major servers. We're just looking to find contacts on other servers for our members who are looking for a home for WvW purposes. Basically, if we have a member on CD that is looking for a WvW guild, we'll direct them to you. Without them having to jump through hoops to find a guild...

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