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Guild Wars 2- AikijinX 1 Shot Thief/Daredevil Roaming/Outnumbered Vol. 9


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Hey Guys, I'm back with another one. I apologize with some of the clips, while in EU i experienced a ton of lag, and ping issues, which can clearly be visibly seen in some of the scenes. I hope you still enjoy anyway! Montage 10 on it's way!


I hope you enjoy the video just as much as I enjoyed recording the clips! Please be sure to (Like, Comment, and Subscribe) if you want to keep updated with new content!!

Music In Order:

Shinedown- Devour (Intro Song)Shinedown- DevilShinedown- Cyanide Sweet Tooth SuicideShinedown- Enemies


D/P 1 Shot Build:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vZAQNAoaVn0MBFmilOBGOB8PhFaCbuC+BHheZhvQZQLAMhiAA-j1SBQBP4BBoH9NO4QA4hDgwCOiBZUp1V2fUGISlIA4EAwIlgJU9nAAHAn33++b++7v/+8zP/8zPvt/98z/98z/93fPvUARMBD-w

S/D Core Build:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vZAQNAsYVl0MhenYpTwwJw/EHwEVPKCxEVnABwu5DjzoNA-jlCEQBMZ/RZwEORCXUJi/U/BAHxgApE8N6bcoSrBcIAIwDAIAwBw5Nv5nn5nf+5P/8zP/8z77zP/8zP/8zP/8zLFggSwA-w

S/D DrD Build:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vZAQNAsYVn0MBFmilOBGOB8PhFsiyLCugOYu5v+uvLAiucE-jlCEQBOUp1b03wk9HlBE4BB4P1fAwRMYAHCgApE8iKRmwJQ4bABwgqQgQIEWr1at6LUrhaNECVpAiYCG-w

Rifle DE Build: (WvW Version)http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vZAQNAU8Yn0MB9OhlOBOGD8PhFYCjPZGNvmaJgAwuxLMcGGRA-j1CCQBUZ/RZwd09shDigBV/hBHJgEpEEAXAgPqExiKtQwBMYYPAgvBEArVqqChQYtWr1qvatWr1atWlCQQJYA-w

Rifle DE Build: (PvP Version)http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vZAQNAU8Yn0MB9OhlOBOGD8PhFYCzLMcGGR8Jzo51ULBEA2NA-jZBXABAs/wzPAA1LDM8RAw5LCAA

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