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WTH!! I was Just about to play SAB with friend! =(

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Why did you pull the plug already? I thought it ends tomorrow? I was just about to do SAB with 2 new friends and it's already closed? Can we have another week of SAB at least? Or just make the content permanent for god sakes! It's not fun when you can't play the content you love whenever you want. This really blows. =(

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Yeah, I was super excited when I saw SAB was returning. And then, I did the race. It was ridiculously laggy, the controls were buggy, press up it kept going down, then up, then down some more. It totally killed all the interest I had in being in there this year. For once, glad this one is just over.

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@"mercury ranique.2170" said:

Festivities begin on March 29 at 9 a.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7) and continue until April 19 at noon Pacific Time (UTC-7).


I really don’t get how more clear it can be or why you thought it would run longer.

I didn't check but someone also mentioned that there was an ingame counter ...

Also I hope the OP has learned their lesson. When you have 3 weeks to do something don't wait until the last day to do it.

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