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Suppressed Messages and Commander/Mentor tags

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After doing a quick search ("suppressed message" only yielded 10 results), I could not find a discussion directly dealing with this topic, so here it goes.

This afternoon, I went to the Desert Highlands to complete the event daily. I figured that since I need some bounties I would kill two birds with one stone, and to help others do the same I pulled out my Commander's Tag. I would show up at the bounty board, go into map chat and identify the waypoint by the bounty board, the name of the bounty I was going to do, and the color of my tag. When I got to the bounty location, I repeated the info (deleting the waypoint by the bounty board) - was usually in combat by this time and did not have a lot of time to vary the message. This system worked well. I arrived at the bounty location other interested players either had followed me or found me there. Together we completed the bounty. I thanked everyone ("Thanks, all!"), returned to the bounty board and began this again.

So, I had two different messages - one used at the start, and the other used on location. I was communicating - one of the key features of being a Commander - utilizing map chat. Until I was informed that "Your message was suppressed due to excessive messaging." Really? I only used each form of the message ONCE. Format was the same (as noted above) but the name of the bounty was different each time I started a new one. So, apparently using a different bounty name does not count as sufficient variety.

I understand the purpose/intent of "Your message was suppressed due to excessive messaging." However, I believe that Commanders and Mentors need to use map chat to efficiently communicate with other players. Why there is a limit on their communications?

Some will offer the advice to form a squad and use squad chat - which has a time and a place. I have both been both a squad member and squad Commander, so I get that. However, people will come into a PvE map and look for commander tags to follow in order to complete events/bounties. They are not looking to join a squad, just simply to get in map, and complete the requisite number of events or bounty, and move on to another daily or other goals. I want to help them do that.

Is it possible to allow Commanders and Mentors a greater deal of leniency regarding the messaging system?

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Happens to me also when I set up a mentor tag for daily JP porting in LA. I usually tell the waiting player "25 sec to port" or "wait 40 sec", so they know how long to wait.

After a few messages, the message suppression kicks in.

It's not detrimental as in the case of Bounty tag, but it is annoying.

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