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Why block mounts in JPs?

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@"Illconceived Was Na.9781" said:

The blocks aren't for "no reason." In Hoelbrak, people were using mounts to void jump, which ANet has an interest in preventing (even though some people enjoy breaking out of maps). It's somewhat arbitrary that they've decided to allow gliding and/or jumping for some JP, but not others, but that doesn't mean that there isn't a valid case-by-case reason for each.

I understand your frustration: I hate invisible walls, which are used in much the same way (to prevent void jumping or other sorts of semi-exploits that can break the game). At the same time, I understand the necessity of using a quick-and-dirty approach to limiting potential issues, rather than devote the art department's limited resources to redesigning maps so this isn't necessary.

The mount / gliding block at that gate is unnecessary now because all the map exit routes near that gate have been blocked with invisible walls. Even if it hadn't been what's the point? We know it's a game map and there is a map edge. Blocking isn't going to magically make us think the map edge doesn't exit. As much as I dislike the mount/glide blocks and invisible walls; the map edge kill zones are even more annoying and unnecessary.

Regarding the JPs; I think a better option for them is to allow mounts but give a self-discipline reward for not mounting or not using a portal in the JP zone. That way it becomes a discipline on the player's part. When you get in the habit of hitting the mount button it becomes real difficult not to mount.

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There's only a few JP's I really really hate redoing for things like legendary collections.. 2nd Aetherblade site (I don't like platforms that move me around that I have no real control over, plus having to do a blind leap for the diving goggles is a pain, obscuring your vision so you can't look before you leap is just cheap aritificial difficulty), chalice of tears and searing ascent (they sprawl all over the place and have flight as an intended mechanic so most times you have no idea where you're intended to go for the route unless you look up a guide). The rest are for the most part, okay

The real PITA for me is that they block using mounts anywhere near the JP and sometimes you're not trying to do the JP you're just doing ormal things moving from point A to point B and get knocked off which is annoying. Also I dislike that while they disable mounts because mounts will always result in easier time doing the JP, they leave gliders enabled just because they know a glider opening at the wrong time can screw you up. There's no way to disable gliders through settings and the deploy glider button is the same as the jump button, so you have to be extremely anal about making sure you just barely flick the spacebar because any longer than 1 1 millionth of a second and you deploy your glider and sail over the platform you were trying to jump to. The designers behind this are deliberately doing it to frustrate players and get a rise out of making players angry. It's messed up. Both mounts and gliders should be disabled in all core JP's that were created without gliding/mounts in mind. Leaving gliding enabled JUST to screw with players is unfair.

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