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Forum thread indexing seems off 1 day for some threads

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There seem to exist threads (at least: one) where the forum indexing seems to be off for one day. It is sorted as being one day in the past, so these threads are not being correctly brought up to the first page but stay on one of the back pages, so updates may go missing if someone only browses the first page of the forum for updates.

This is such a thread:https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/17315/belgium-says-loot-boxes-are-gambling-wants-them-banned-in-europe#latest

The last post (at the time of this writing) is from today, and the forum shows it:Imgur

But if you see the thread in the forum list, the very same post has a date from 1 day in the past:Imgur

Edit:My post in the above thread appeared also as 1 day in the past when it was the last post in that thread. Albeit, my opening post of this thread made this thread going to the top of the thread list. So there is some inconsistency here.

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