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Return after few years ago

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Hello everyone i wanna help and ask .

I wanna come back and i rly think about buying first Hot then PoF expansions.

Well need help about hot first its anyone still doing ? masteries running maps etc ? Wanna collect them all so not sure if its possible when Pof is out

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I find there are plenty of people doing the meta-event chains in the HoT zones (possibly not quite so many in Tangled Depths - I haven't done much in there recently except charge through at a dead run to reach Dragon's Stand), and if you want to run through a Hero Point challenge (which give +10 points in HoT and PoF maps) with a strong boss to fight, shout in /map and people will show up. Or listen to /map for other people shouting for them. Some of the mastery points are easy, others not so much.

EDIT: "strong boss to fight": e.g. froggie, vamp or golem in Verdant Brink. The thistle challenge in the bottom of Creeping Crevasse in VB does not count. I can solo that one.

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@honvas.8792 said:Ty for answers my next Q is about raiding its hard to get in ? I guess full ascended gear get in few months

Raiding in general is not that hard but can be hard to get started. My adivice is to find training guild/discord. Usualy they require ascended weapons and trinkets and exotic armor.

If you want to get there as quickly as possible i suggest power dps class since it is easy to gear.

Before you try to raid I suggest you to read about raid compositions (mattabattle has decent explanation)If you want top tier pve build try snowcrows website.Also try fractals first to learn your class/build. What makes raids hard is the fact that you need to focus on more tgen one thing at a time. If you dont have to focus on rotations you can look around and dodge mechanics

Edit: alse quite recently there was a raid tournament. If you want to look how raids look like search for elitist raiding party 2

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@honvas.8792 said:not sure if top guild take someone who raiding in wow and have only exotic gear full berserker ..plus not sure what pick druid or soulbeast

Well if you want to join top guilds they usualy take only players that can hit their benchmark on golem, has full ascended set (+multiple weapons with diferent sigils for specific encounters, one top guild require elementalist to have 8 diferent ascended staffs if i remember correctly) and also prove that you know every encounter. Since raids in GW2 are easier top guilds require perfection.

for soulbeast vs druidsoulbeast is ok condi dps that is very easy to play so its good if you want to start with raids.

Every party needs druid (as a healer). When party is searching for players they usualy search for chrono or druid. There are multiple diferent builds (depends on how much healing is needed in the fight) but you cannot go wrong with harrier variant. Not only does druid provide decent healing (not best but more then enough) but als brings amazing offensive buffs in form of 25 might, spotter and spirits + Amazing cc from pets and option to insta ress. Downside is that there is no rotation since you need to react to the state of the fight. You need to manage your celestial avatar. If you delay it too long your party loses might but if you use it before damage spike your team might have a hard time.

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