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Anyone else disapointed: Obsidian Weapons


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I must say.. I’m not angry, just disapointed..

The designs are somewhat.. weird.To me they feel like a Black Lion version of the White Mantle weapon skins, and have nothing to do with obsidian.I mean, these skins; https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Obsidian_weapons

Its like a white mantle savant was customizing his weapons, an entire armory, with a single shard of obsidian..

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I've decided to get one and delay my progress to the next legendary armor piece a little and yeah, I was pretty disappointed. At that point I googled it but there simply didn't exist a single screenshot of any of the items either.. kind of like gambling for a cool skin. Pretty sure the shield skin at least got a little update though? It looks a bit different and not that bad

So yeah. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

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I dont know why they keep putting work on these skins, I am yet to see a single thread here congratulating Anet for the great work on these skins, or better yet, see someone using these skins on game...they should made then to match the Triumphant armor set of WvW or just remake the old mistward set(revenant weapon set)...those skins were badass.

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