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Reaper's shroud and sigills/stats


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Hey guys, I wanna know how sigills and stats are working when entering shroud.E.g. 1: I got on my greatsword sigill of strengh (60% chance to get 1 stack might on a critical Hit) and I am entering shroud while wielding it. Does the effect applie now on crits with shroud-skills aswell?

E.g. 2: precision-stats on my 1st weaponset is 49% and stats on my 2nd weaponset is 51%. I am entering shroud while having 1st set equipped and "Death Perception" traited. Is my precision now 99% or anything else?

Thanks :)

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1: Death Shroud is the necromancer's unique mechanic providing some passive benefits and replacing the necromancer's normal weapon skills with a fixed set of Death Shroud skill.

While in Death Shroud, upgrades, such as sigils, on the necromancer's currently equipped weapon continue to function. While you cannot swap weapons in Death Shroud, entering Death Shroud will activate sigils that trigger on weapon swap. The weapon strength of the equipped weapon is applied to the Death Shroud skills, including any traits that affect the equipped weapon.

2: Yes. it's a flat 50% increase.

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Entering reaper shroud will give you the benefits of the currently equipped weapon and its sigils - with two exceptions:

Nr. 1) is weapon strength (the stats (e.g. precision like in your example) are relevant nevertheless!). The reaper scythe is coded as an exotic stats hammer in terms of weapon strength, no matter what weapon you have equipped (side note: killing in reaper shroud adds kills to the hammer master achievement).

Core shroud uses all weapon values - even the weapon strength, which means that entering core shroud when wearing a two handed weapon will result in a 10% damage increse of shroud skills compared to entering core shroud when wearing a one handed weapon. In addition the 10% higher weapon strength of an ascended weapon compared to an exotic one will also benefit you.

Nr. 2) direct (!) healing sigils will not work in shroud. Healing in shroud is restricted to certain necro traits only. Your example: Sigil of strength will grant you might which proccs blighter's boon and heals you in shrould.

Side note: Shoud utilizes the sigils on your currently equipped weapon - even the weapon swap sigils. That's contrary to the normal weapon swap where the sigil on the weapon you are switching to is utilized.

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