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Branded loot drop disparity


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Quick question to Anet.

Can someone explain why Level 80 Branded, such as Branded Ogres in Desert Highlands, mostly drop such mediocre loot, like Spikes, Incandescent Dust or nothing at all, when level 50 Branded in Blazeridge Steppes regularly drop Piles of Radiant dust that currently sell for 9s each?

It seems incredible that high level creatures which can bounce you around all over the place and take a bit of time to kill, have rewards that are absolute rubbish, compared to creatures that can normally be killed in about 2 seconds and yet they drop loot that nets you almost 1 gold per 11 piles of radiant dust? It clearly is quite lucrative since there seems to be no end of certain classes spawn camping the quicker spawn sites.

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The tier of the items you get depends on the level.

Radiant is a tier 3 material, Incandescent dust is a tier 5 material.

Since the majority of content of content is 80, some of the materials that you find later on (higher tiers) are more abundant than lower tiers, since that would require content in maps that aren't focused on the max level players, basically everything new coming out.

So that tier 3 dust is worth more because there are less people farming it, or passively acquiring it by just playing, not because loot is weird or anything.

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