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Yet another profession picking thread


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Hy there everyone!I think it's a returning or maybe never leaving topic.

TL:DR section:I'm a returning player, just bought PoF, and i'm looking for a good prof that can tackle all content, not too glassy, or if so have good sustain.I had a lvl80 warrior but i don't really like that, i know, i know. But now i struggling to find that prof that fits me well.

What i'd like to do is mainly PvE for levelling then transition into WvW zerging and because i mainly play solo i'd like to end up with a good roaming/solo character.

Any suggestions?

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all content plus roaming/solo = mesmer (mirage!)

for zerging swap to chronomancer (if you got HoT) and do veils, boonshare, mantras and gravity well in full support gear (minstrels). done!alternatively stay mirage, do veils still, but then kill backliners (anything squishy and ranged circling around the zergs).

if mesmer is too squishy for your liking, try guard - there are so many builds for every content. and if you find yourself still too squishy, change traits, kill slower but get almost invincible (thinking of champ trains with insane aoe champs, like the jofast event... or pvp/roaming. not so much for raids, fractals and such because people like big dps numbers and dont want you to run off-meta traits/gear with less dps/utility).


if scrapper did more dps/burst (or had a well performing role), it would be just what you are asking for. not too squishy (blocks, reflects, invul, +50% endurance regeneration if you chose it) and sustain while doing enough damage.... if... would... could... whishes... complains... xD

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Warrior/Ranger/Mesmer pick one.

Strength/Defense/Discipline build for Warrior

Wilderness Survival/Skirmishing/Soulbeast for Ranger (swap Beastmastery with Soulbeast if you don't have it unlocked)

Chaos/Dueling/Mirage for Mesmer (swap Illusions with Mirage if you don't have it unlocked)

This was for PvE.

Defense/Discipline/Spellbreaker for zergbubble Warrior

WvW zergs don't want rangers.

Chaos/Inspiration/Chronomancer for zerging.

Note that WvW zerg meta right now is Guardian/Necro/Revenant/Ele.

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