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[Suggestions] Ideas regarding legendary functionalitys and in regards to (legendary) trinkets

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I hope you can forgive my english as I am no native speaker, also I hope to be forgiven for the strange title as I have no idea how I should have statet it differently.Feel free to comment about my ideas (this is for that after all) but please keep posts constructive (including criticism), no haters and trolls wanted only people willing to behave as one should.


1) legendary trinket suggestion1.2) trinket functionality suggestion2) general legendary functionality suggestion

1) legendary trinket suggestion:

How about making it possible to "upgrate" any ascended trinket (in case of rings only those infused and attuned, not only the baseline ones but also those based on expansions and achievments and the like) which were not intended to be precursers to a legendary state - in a way similar to how that works for legendary armor in sPvP and WvW?More specifically adding one way to create one set of legendary trinkets this way in each game mode. Making Dungeon gifts and Fractal Research Pages the timegateing requirements for PvE. It would be a timegateable way to add easy to access no aura effect included legendary trinkets accessible to basically all players (if I did not overlook something important there).Additionally it would have the perk of great nostalgia - there are so many ascended trinkets with direct or indirect refferences to both gw1 and gw2 - how epic would it be to have for example a Legendary called "Althea's Ashes" (to name just one example of all the nostalgia cases). Much more so than a shiny aura and the tediousness of having to play conent I greatly dislike, a relatively easy to get, though still expensive to craft, in terms of lore/place nostalgia well chosen legendary trinket would be more of legendary feeling object to me.

1.2) trinket functionality suggestion

At that note maybe add trinkets to the wardrobe - though I cannot speak for others - personaly getting rid of the aura of a legendary trinket by reskining it would be sufficient in that regard to me and as I would suspect from the recent addition of tools to the wardrobe, might be easier than adding a checkbox to legendary trinkets to disable the particle effect. This though should not invalidate the above suggestion, since that is as much about the accessability for the entirety of the players as it is about the nostalgia.

2) general legendary functionality suggestion

I do not know if something like this was suggested before but seeing the Qol differences between legendary weapons and the rest of the Legendarys makes me wonder if it would not be good to change legendary gear in general (weapons, armors, backpacks, trinkets, possible future water breathers) to have something like a individual item based PvP equipment window where they have the current stat selection. So a legendary Item would have stat choise as before but at the same time it would consume any infusion and other upgrade applied to it, no way to get them back, and that specific legendary could then in the "legendary adjustment" window you could open where today it simply says "select stats" select in several dropdown menues the upgrades/infusions you added to that specific legendary. - This though only in my personal opinion could also make it easier to apply a possible future gear template system the game might someday have (as gw1 showed - maybe) at least as far as Legendarys are concerned.

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Granted as far as the nostalgia goes it would seem that ascended version is enough - though to me those seem much more legendary then the ones coming out as legendary at the moment. Further more they would be available to everyone (PvP, WvW, PvE) and not force people to try and probably fail something they do not enjoy in the game - especially if there is no alternate means of getting e.g. a legendary accessory. And to me at least it seemed more interesting then my original idea of aplying it only to the mist trinkets that are present as PvP, WvW and FotM ascended trinkets.

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