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Things I miss from gw1

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Things I miss from Guild Wars and wish Guild Wars 2 had incorporated:

  • Flat gear acquisition. I've never liked gear acquisition in other games, and while GW2's method is somewhat better than other MMO's, I preferred the way it was done in GW.
  • How stats worked. Allocating stat points was so much better than having to change stats on gear.
  • Build variety.
  • Cast bars.
  • Alliance battles.
  • NPC characters who felt like people living in an archaic fantasy setting, as opposed to the ones from GW2 who feel like they are ripped from the pages of the latest teen novels.
  • No "account bound" bull-gravy.
  • Dye mixing.
  • The way elite instances were done.

Things I don't miss from Guild Wars and am glad GW2 left out:

  • WTS/WTB spam.
  • No Z axis.
  • Heroway.
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@Maikimaik.1974 said:

@Nuka Cola.8520 said:What i miss from GW1

1- Actual pve, a thing gw2 doesn't have.2- Build variety, a thing gw2 doesn't have.3- Challenging content that cannot be completed by simply spamming skills.4- Dervish.5- PVP game modes. Circles capping crap is the worst pvp i've played in years, anet. How can this thing be your main spvp mode in soon to be six years is insane.6- 100% the map (especially in Factions and Hard Mode) was really fun in gw1. In GW2, its a chore. Unplayble chore. Doing one million hearts was a mistake.7- No time gating garbage8- No skins locked behind achievements.9- 55hp farming for unique skins in pretty much any zone in the game, depending on the skin you want.

GW2 is so barebones compared to gw1.

I have to challenge the idea that 100% mapping in GW1 wasn't a chore. Wall scraping barely visible fogged areas, often needing an overlay to find a missing bit to 100% is one of the strangest and poorly designed exploration elements I have encountered in a game. Taking out the hyperbolic "1 million hearts", nothing about mapping in Gw2 I;d say is worse than what GW1 put out for 100%ing. For me, GW2 has the exploration trumped hands down largely due to the better scenery and dynamic events

What do you mean by "actual pve" as well? That doesn't really make sense since GW2 does have a pretty decent pve for an MMO

Build variety and time gating are fair points

I never used any overlay and simply hugged the edges. Worked perfectly fine. Yes, you could have missed 0.2% and not get the 100% but that's where the challenge came from.

You call that fun? Hugging edges?

If only it was the only thing you were doing. Mapping on HM was great and hugging the edges wasn't the end of the world.

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I mostly miss the free skill selection (Skills not being tied to weapons). This allowed for much more freedom to make a build that fits your play style and allowed for much more creativity in character builds. In the first year after GW2's release I even gave up for the game for this very reason as I could not find an Elementalist weapon that could give me a skill set I enjoyed to play. (Even tho the skills were all in the game, just scattered among weapons) I ended up playing Scepter/Dagger which I love to play but usually feels a bit fragile or underpowered based on stats. I still hope I can mix-and-match skills some day. Then I would probably combine some staff, scepter, dagger and maybe a focus skill.

And I hope to see the competitive mission Fort Aspenwood ported to GW2. I probably have 1000+ hours on this mission alone and got my Savior of the Kurzicks and Savior of the Luxons title tracks from this mission alone. I love the freedom to play whatever you like here. (Capping mines, running amber, repairing gates, healing guards, nuking siege turtles, killing players, /waving the Luxons goobye as the timer ends, blasting through gates, snaring/killing amber runners, healing turtles, killing Gunther to end it all.)

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The things I miss from GW1 and want to see back in GW2:

  • Official Build Templates
  • UI Change Options
  • Capes (in various forms)
  • Polymock
  • Hero System (as improved Companions to make even usage of your own Account Characters as Companions)
  • Codex Arena/ Fort Aspenwood/ Jade Quarry PvP (GvG)
  • Learning new Elite Skilsl from having to hunt special monsters and enemies
  • PvE Only Skills what would be in case of GW2 PvE only Weapon Skill Sets as alternatives over the normal versions which you can use for PvP/WvW
  • Ritualists returning as Necromancer-Specalization, Assassins returning as Thief-Specialization
  • Weapon Skins like the Draconic Aegis, or the Obsidian Blade and alot of the GW1 Armro Sets, like the Human Norn-Armor from EotN
  • Cantha being in GW2 explorable content again
  • Story Content thats designed like GW1 Missions with like more than 5 people you need, but in case of GW2 then 10 people now, which also have Optional tasks to do for Extra Rewards
  • Hard Mode - for Story Content, Dungeons, Fractals, Raids (in case of raids, making the current form then easier a bit) with also designed for it own Hard Mode Achievements for competign the content you have completed already under Normal Mode then now also under Hard Mode
  • Vanquishing -Players should be able to enter every explorable PvE Map (at least the maingame maps) also as an personal instance either alone, or as 5man group, to be able to "vanquish" the instance from all enemies in there, together with the return of Vanquish Achievements for doign so. vanquishing solo will give then extra achievement with title
  • The PvE related Faction based Reputation System, which granted then also as part of that pvE only skills as rewards for raising in your Reputation among the factions.. could be done in GW2 with Vigil, Order of Whispers and the other last faction, Zephyrites ect.
  • Elite Endgame Content, like making again the Underworld explorable, or in regard of Elona now the Realm of Torment with its 4 locations and Sub Realms that are essentially part of the underworld
  • Grentch and Humbugs playing actually a role again at Wintersdays in GW2 ..where the hell are they ??? let them please invade next windersday the towns and let us protect unter that theme next wintersday from falling into chaos..that would be a real nice change for once in Wintersday, than to repeat always the same stuff over and over ...
  • Alot of the GW1 Minipets/Ranger Pets to return, I want my CE Mini Kuunavang back in GW2 ... as also my Rainbow Phoenix back
  • Weapon Dying instead of having preset weapon colors which can't be changed
  • BMP Content and its reward System of tradeable in History Books with actually better designed real looking books that also have pictures and nut jiust only plain text without page animations of swappign the pages, like in GW2, which feels like a step backwards compared to GW1 ...seriously Anet? How can you make reading books in GW2 look much worser, than in GW1??? Fractals would be such a great potential game mode to brign back BMP like Game Content in form of heroic replayable Chronicles, starting for example with the Chronicles of Ghosts of Ascalon, replaying the history as Dougal Keane and receive then later for trading in a GoA History Chronicle for rewards (Exp, Karma, Gold, Item Skin Token)
  • No silly Gear Stats, instead a free Attribute System where you were able to simply reset your Stats anytime and having this way no Gear Grind just to get the build you want to play ...
  • No stupid time gating mechanics
  • Increased Bow Range and Damage when attackling foes from higher positions, giving you therefore an advantage in combat for your good positioning!!
  • Monsters not instantly beginning to regenerate to full health back, only because they ran out of their areals until where they follow you ..so god damn stupid and annoying AF
  • No Stacking possible
  • Better balanced Boon/Condition System with Enchantments and Hexes that were all much LESS spammy
  • Dungeons ,which actually feel like dungeons and those old GW1 dungeosn being also explorable again in GW2 as added new dungeons, but calling them in GW2 rather now explorable "Ruins"
  • EOTN Maps being explorable again in GW2 and lettung us go also again underground into Cave Systems that are below Tyria to the Stone Dwarves locations (ruins)
  • Alot of original gw1 monsters that I'd like to see returning into GW2.. happy, that after logn time returned now hydras for example, but theres alot more creatures from GW1 that are missing still, which should return, unless anet gives us some lore based ingame explanations that certain species have become within the last 250+ years completely extinct.

This I absolutely don't miss and never want to see ever back returning to GW2:

  • Dervish
  • Paragons
  • Dual Class System to return ever, it was the most ridiculous game balance nightmare ever
  • WTS/WTB Spam in Town Chats
  • Lvl 20 Max
  • Tutorial Maps to which you can't return again

So compare to the good thigns from GW1, its not very much, just only the things, which in my opinion destroyed GW1 or made no sense to be added ever or were simple pointless decisions or in case of the classes could have been done just through other classes better, cause the paragon for exampel was nothign else but just a ranged warrior in terrible looking always whitebeing boring armors with just a different form of shouts, while dervishes were basicalyl nothign else but just a melee combat based different form of monks with wannabe god complexes and wieldign farmers tools as weapons ..while beign halfway elementalists at the same tiem with their wind and earth prayers... no thanks..ANet as essentially merged everythign that is possible out of those two classes into warrior and guardian now...guardians have even a paragon PvP title.. that says everythign that . its enough that they have returned now in Elona as our enemies, where they make sense as part of the enemy faction Mordant Crescent from Joko as his Awakenends

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I believe GW1 is a superior game in the key factor of fun (IMO). I just had/have more fun in it than most things in GW2. PVP is better in GW1, PVE instances/Hard Mode are better than open world PVE wandering about/hearts - though there are some zone that I do like better in GW2 and FOW. For the love of all the gods, goddesses and someone named Phil, bring back FOW!

GW2 wins with WvW which is the primary reason why I still play the game.

Another GW1 win is with build templates. It may be 'hard' to do, but it should have been part of the game on release and we still don't have it.

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  • ArenaNet Staff

@Liewec.2896 said:my most missed thing (besides obviously secondary professions) is elevation increasing bow damage and range,it was such a good addition! i really do miss sniping luxons from the walls of fort aspenwood!

I have to admit, I miss that as well. Knowing I could increase my damage if I could just get some elevation was quite a fun challenge... especially when the darn devourers and other baddies were so unwilling to give up higher ground! ;)

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i miss the gear balance, in GW2 there are tons of problems because all the stats need to be balanced and all of that also have different runes and insignia's.in GW1 it was balanced, i could get max leveled gear and my armor was already at max, insignia's and runes were balanced around professions so it's easier for Anet to balance them and the ones who were globally used were also globally balanced.

if anything, i miss a GW without complicated stats and tons of runes that only get more and more complicated and unbalanced.i want a GW where you don't have any stats as we know them in GW2, i want a GW where your decisions and character attribute sets are what damages the enemy.right now you ether use the latest hype gear or you're out, in GW1 i could use a build of 2 years ago and still be powerful enough to play with the top.

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@Gaile Gray.6029 said:

@"Liewec.2896" said:my most missed thing (besides obviously secondary professions) is elevation increasing bow damage and range,it was such a good addition! i really do miss sniping luxons from the walls of fort aspenwood!

I have to admit, I miss that as well. Knowing I could increase my damage if I could just get some elevation was quite a fun challenge... especially when the darn devourers and other baddies were so unwilling to give up higher ground! ;)

That said I have the feeling that rockets effects were not always welcomed. The

was nerfed shortly after this.
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@Gaile Gray.6029 said:

@Liewec.2896 said:my most missed thing (besides obviously secondary professions) is elevation increasing bow damage and range,it was such a good addition! i really do miss sniping luxons from the walls of fort aspenwood!

I have to admit, I miss that as well. Knowing I could increase my damage if I could just get some elevation was quite a fun challenge... especially when the darn devourers and other baddies were so unwilling to give up higher ground! ;)

Ranger bow mechanics was(is) really good and amazing on Gw1, the interupting, know wich now needs to be used to interrup some player at X range, the bow lure and atention to mobs paths.

I really hope that someday Anet remembers that Gw1 was far more inovative than gw2.

@dragoaskani.6271 said:I may be one of the minority on this. But I miss the holy trinity. Sure we have support builds and tank builds now, but its just not the same.

That is because gw2 pretends that works well, and gw1 was designed to work, the philosophy and ideal behind the game is quite direrent, know what to do to target vs search for spam and powercreep builds.The game itself is far more complex than gw2, at first looks a basic game where u cant even jump, but there way a ton more variables on combat, wich is interesting cause has a way more skill was required from players every one would learn it in a way or another, here on gw2 even blocks in some zones are useless or mobs will kd or kb while ur in a midle of a dodoge or block :P.

I could play on HM with 1 monk/w(myself) plus 5 other enchies, and now i cant even exit Factions Capital, ill die in the first group.... with a team of 8 and 2 or 3 monks on normal mode...Ive been spoiled and carried in gw2... when actually skills is needed back on gw1... get reckt...lo

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@HellzGlaDiaToRX.2156 said:Firstly, the instanced exploration areas.

I am actually glad those are gone. It was the most boring part about GW1.

Secondly, signet of capture was the most unique thing that really made me enjoy the game.

I agree with this sentiment, it was so much fun to capture elite skills. I miss the whole skill system from GW1, to be honest. The secondary profession and combination options were the best.

Missions you can queue up for. [...] ..which were HARD and challenging.

I find that many of the newer missions are already extremely challenging. However, I do miss the GW1 mission system, too -- it was fun and the teamplay was essential.

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@Orpheal.8263 said:This I absolutely don't miss and never want to see ever back returning to GW2:...

  • Tutorial Maps to which you can't return again

Can you return to the Dream instance on a Sylvari? The others do, indeed, happen in actual chunks of map, but I don't remember ever seeing the Sylvari starter zone anywhere. (Feel free to correct me.)

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Things I miss from GW1:

  • Easy build customization with few or no stats tied to equipment, and most attack skills not tied to specific weapons.
  • Easy to use and integrated Build Templates (due to the above)
  • Many of the armor skins
  • Nicholas the Traveler & Professor Yakkington (I liked the scavenger hunt aspect, and that it gave us an alternate use for a variety of item drops)
  • Heroes (specifically being able to customize their outfits and skills. GW2 doesn't need them, but it would be cool to be able to customize NPCs in our personal story and living story instead. "No Braham, you're going to take these skills and you're going to like it!". Also being able to customize the appearance of NPCs in our home instance would be a neat feature.)
  • The Menagerie - I'd like to see something similar added to GW2, such as an instanced area and not only for ranger pets, but also for miniatures where you could display all or many of the ones you have simultaneously.
  • Unique green items dropped by a boss or within a specific map

Things I don't miss from GW1:

  • No Trading Post and the WTS/WTB spam that resulted
  • GLF Monk / Healer (GW2 had it right when they originally left out the holy trinity. Unfortunately, it crept back in)
  • No jumping (it's so ingrained in my play now that I have a hard time navigating those rare times whenever I go back into GW1)
  • Limited inventory, no direct deposit of mats from anywhere
  • No salvage all options
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