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need help with best settings for 4k monitor on a rx 580 overclocked

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i also have a core i7 8700k cpu overclocked and memory overclocked. however my graphics card is only a rx580 running at 9000mhz memory and 1480mhz gpu clock. also the gpu has 8gb of memory, so amd wondering what settings would make it look the best with a decent amount of distance to see things but a setting that would be right for 4k being powered by so small a gpu

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I have no big issues getting around 45-60 FPS with an R9 390 here and an i7-6700 at high settings, but that's "just" at 2K.

If the hickups were too much, I typically started to decrease graphics settings in the following order, from a resource-hungry / most-neglectible point of view:

  • Best Texture Filtering: Turn this off and override it externally. It's an oddball option, it indeed seems to use the very best texture filtering supported by your GPU which nobody ever needs or will notice (even in optimal scenarioes), so go into AMD Settings and force it to just use 8x anisotropic filtering or 4x, otherwise the game textures look like vomit.
  • Reflections: Only Terrain & Sky, not All. Especially if you get high lag spikes when standing near water areas (looking at you, Desert Highlands oasis region, causing all the lag due to the many palm trees). Note that this doesn't cause ugly "fake" reflections, those only appear with Medium or Low shaders.
  • Shadows: Less than Ultra (especially if you have a slow CPU). IMHO, "None" looks better than the fading distance-limited shadow at Low-High options.
  • Character Model Limit: Medium. They seem to be the bottleneck for my system if too many people are around (like World Boss fights).
  • Character Model Quality: Low. I don't care much about other people's looks, and limit only the nearest people to display their customizations. Lowest is dumb as it seems to display nobody's customizations.
  • Antialiasing: Not that it matters much on today's systems, but stay with FXAA instead of real antialias. Lose some sharpness in textures afar, but that's neglectible and only really noticable in SAB (unless you stand still and compare).
  • Ambient Occlusion: Can yield a few FPS if turned off on slower systems, but also makes the game look much less realistic, so I typically prefer it on.
  • Shaders: You really don't want to play in anything else than High nowadays, but if your FPS suck that hard, go to lower settings here.

I never use High-Res Character Textures. I didn't see any performance impact in any of the other options, no matter what I choose.

Typically, I turn on Vertical Sync and disable the Frame Limiter, the other way round only creates gibberish fake 60 FPS. It sounds quite contraproductive when playing in windowed modes, as Windows' desktop window manager would typically cause games to run in VSync to some extent, but doesn't seem to be the case for GW2.

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580 is mid tier, but great. 4k is going to be reallllllyyyyy hard to achieve. I have the same card, lol. The things that impact frames the most are going to be the reflections, shadows, shaders, and character model quality and settings. Ive found that ambient occlusion and antialiasing are negliable. Most times, they don't affect my frames at all. Also, areas like dragons stand are gonna be laggy no matter what. If only this game supported Vulkan :/

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