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does movement speed stack + swiftness

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Movement speed is different from other stats in that it has a number of different components, each with its own caps. All of this is covered on the wiki athttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Movement_Speed

The short of it is: your best bet for non-mounted, renewable movement speed is 33% from Swiftness.

  • Swiftness is a flat 33% bonus and cannot be improved upon, except in special, temporary circumstances (Mist Form & Superspeed being the main two)
  • Swiftness duration can be stacked using any buff-duration boost, including speed runes. For a pre-mount JP, I could easily stack 5 minutes of swiftness before the end.
  • The fixed-increase buffs from signets (and other sources) do not stack intensity with each other nor with swiftness.
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