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Glory Hunterz [GHz] | Darkhaven - EU/NA WvW Guild


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World vs World - WvWCurrently recruiting the following;


  • A highly experienced player for each class would be great so as to help the others. I am only proficient in Firebrand and scourge.

Zerg comp

  • Firebrands 2
  • Scourge 2
  • Herald 1
  • Weaver or Tempest 1-2
  • Chornomancer 1-2 (boon build)

Willing to take a Soulbeast and Holosmith with specific team based builds. I'm not very proficient in these 2 classes so if interested then give me a rundown on the play style and benifits. :smile:

If you main any class not on the list above then whisper me in game, or in-game mail me the specifics of your build and what you can bring for comp play. I'm open to all classes as long as it doesn't cripple teambased comps.

I am looking for people that are interested in fighting huge blobs and learning along with me, or teaching me. I'm not supper great as a driver but I want to learn with my own guild instead of just pug zergs. For any questions please contact me on here or in game at actium.8765.

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