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[EU] Raiding Guild [FLIP] Looking for experienced raiders for weekly clears


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Recently we've had a slight dip in how many people show up for our raids, and so we're looking for 2-3 new and awesome raiders who are up for filling out the spots of the players who can't make it. So essentially we need 2-3 backups. Despite being a backup, chances are quite high that you will have a spot for every raid.We're a small, fun loving guild who aims to kill every boss every week, but have a good time while doing so. (If you don't like bad jokes, it's all good, just mute me on discord and you'll be fine.) Because we wanna have a good time while raiding, we do require you to know what you are doing, because wiping over and over for 2 hours is not what we consider fun. So run proper builds, gear and rotations and you'll be good to go.

Raid time is Monday and Wednesday at 19:30-22:00 UK time, but ending time varies greatly depending on what we feel like.

The absolute minimum requirements for joining are as follows:

  • Having killed every boss and have a good understanding of most if not all mechanics for the bosses
  • Being good at the class(es) you play in raids
  • Downloaded Discord and have a working microphone

It helps if you also:

  • Play more than one class
  • Like bad jokes
  • Are willing to help me bully the raid leader (when it is not me)

We don't care about your LI. Most of us are at around 500-1000 LI. Having less is fine, it's just important that you know the boss mechanics and your rotations and can do those two things at the same time.

If you're interested, please send me a mail or whisper me, my account name is Murdyr.9204

PS: Don't reply to this post, I am 99% likely to never read your reply.

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