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LF Guild to learn/ease into Fractals


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Hiya. I've been thinking of getting into Fractals, but have very little experience when it comes to them. I've been looking for a guild for it, but haven't had much luck. So I figured I'd post here and see if anything comes up.

I'm not really looking for hardcore stuff, mainly just to casually learn the basics and go from there. Size of the guild isn't really important as long as it isnt hard to get into a group (Ive been in very small guilds where the group was often already formed when I logged in, leaving me with nothing to do since there weren't enough online people to form a second group). Im also a bit shy and have some issues when under pressure, so...I guess patience is a plus too. >.> I also don't deal very well with favoritism/cliques. I play on Blackgate, and am usually online in the evenings/nights (Eastern US time). I have a fully trained Necro (both elite specs) and Ranger (both elite specs). So...I guess that's it. If you have or know of a guild that fits this description, I'd love to hear about it.

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Hello, Rio!If you're in NA, which I think you are, I come to present you TPR.We have a mid size guild with a solid and friendly community.We run teaching fractals for our new members who want to learn about them or get more experience in general.Our guildies also organize daily fractal runs within themselves.We also do Guild Missions, training raids and a Sunday hang out for everyone to get together, have fun and bound. Most of them take place at 8PM EST/5PM PST.We're also organizing new events during the week.I'll leave a link to our website so you can check it our and decide whether or not to give us a change.


Have a good day/night and may your steps be relentless!:D

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Greetings Rio,

I think you'd be a nice fit for my little home. We're called The Gryphons Aerie and we’re a small, casual/semi-casual yet social, 18+, PvE, family on Tarnished Coast. We're currently trying to rebuild our core ranks in order to have more regular guild events. Right now, we have events (none are mandatory, ever) on Sundays and Tuesdays, focusing on things like Dungeons, Fractals, Living World Story Content, hero point chasing, etc. all with no prior experience necessary. We hope to add more in the future as our ranks grow. Our current peak time tends to be in the mid-late evening EST, though we have a few others from various time zones.

We know that RL comes first and stress that fact.We’ll still be there even if you can’t for a bit of time. Just leave a little note to let us know you'll be away, and all is well.

We do not demand 100% representation.It’s not our business to tell you who you can and cannot associate with; that choice is yours alone.

We are focused on providing a place where people can feel comfortable and as though they are more than just a name on the roster. We want everyone to feel like family.We are very LGBTQ+ affirmative and do not tolerate any sort of derogatory words, comments, bigotry etc. toward anyone regardless of nationality, race, religious beliefs, gender identity or sexuality. Anyone violating that policy is subject to immediate removal, no questions asked.

We’re willing to help out with any and all questions as best as we can, whether it's dungeons/Fractals, builds, and other general game questions. All you need to do is ask. We also don’t do the “speed runs”, exploits, etc, nor require anyone to bring a specific class or build for any dungeon run. Bring whatever you want and we'll have fun regardless.

We also have a Discord, but use of the voice chat is on a purely optional basis, although using the text channels is expected.

For more information, check out our Guild Website.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop me a note here or contact me in game and I’ll do my best to answer them.

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Hey Rio We have a really great fractal teacher who doesn't play favorites. He a easy going guy who teachers well.

Phantom Soul Reavers [sOUL] is a growing guild based in NA servers, focusing mainly on PvE, guild missions, fractals, leveling our guild hall to get you more available upgrades! We are mature, 25+, female and LGBT friendly, and do not tolerate unnecessary drama. We began in February 2018 and already have a solid active member base but continue to maintain a small, family community atmosphere where members can feel like part of the group and not get left behind.

We have a wide range of players from just starting out (playing for a few days) to seasoned veterans who have been playing since original Gw2 launch. We run twice weekly organized fractals with a patient and experienced fractal leader who is committed to teaching mechanics and making sure everyone gets through. During weekly fractals we form as many groups as needed to include all players interested. We have some members who run t4 fractals and who are looking for more to fill their ranks, so all levels are appreciated.

Weekly guild missions are the other main event on Fridays and Sundays, so we can continue to level the guild hall and provide more upgrades to members. Guild events are 30 mins to 1 hour after reset, and we have members from Eastern, Central, and Pacific time zones.

If you think we may be a good fit for you, please don't hesitate to whisper or mail me (Aslan.6978) in game and check out our website. We have a short application process which takes a few minutes, so we can get to know you a bit better and see if we are a good fit for you. Happy guild hunting!


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we do at least 1 training run on a nightly basic. sometimes 4-5 nights a week depend on everyone's schedule since lots of us work late, and/or busy. so not sure if the people wanting to be in can wait till late.but our prime is around 7-9pm CST, shouldn't be too late for EST or PST.there are usually inner circles when it comes to small guilds since they're based upon those tight knit members. they'd always be around and form up before anything.we do have our cores, but most won't run together in one content, but separated to be able to help out other people. which i think it's great. it also zones out and invites more newbies to join if they like to spend more time with other guildies.there'll be favoritism =p cuz i like girls and we have quite a growing numbers of grill gamers in the guild.jk. but sooner servers won't matter anymore when it comes to the new wvw reconstruction.both necro and ranger are quite useful in fractals. i think you made an eggcellent choice training them elites.for further information, you could find out more here: https://www.reddit.com/r/guildrecruitment/comments/7u0gj4/napvxintense_pleasure_mmm_chill_guild_lfm/

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Hi there!

I'm part of the Remnants of Hope [HOPE] guild and I'd love to chat about whether we could be the right community for you! We have very active forums, teamspeak and group events every day of the week, including fractals, boss trains, meta events, dungeons, wvw... pretty much anything you could want to do in-game, we have people who do it! Fractals are definitely a growing part of our activity mix-- I often see members asking who's up for an impromptu Fractal run, and they do them at all levels, even our more experienced folks will run with newbies to help them out.

That's just how the overall attitude in our community is, though. We're patient, fun, and knowledgeable. Definitely patient enough to teach someone who is shy and new to fractals! Some of our events are a bit more serious and organized than others (our guild missions are essentially just shenanigans the whole time), but everything is led by people who love the game and are willing to help out anyone who is still learning or needs a hand with something new. In fact, we really pride ourselves on the awesome people that make up Remnants of Hope.

If you'd like to get to know us better, visit our website and check out our full recruitment post HERE. Feel free to message me in-game or on our forums (I'm Siscia over there) if you would like more info or just want to chat! Let me know if you have any questions. :)

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