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Dual Axe Druid - Help?


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Hi, so my druid is all pretty much based around Astralaria looks wise, and i'd love to be able to dual wield it while having a staff as the other weapon. Is this viable? For PVE btw, i'd really like to still be a main healer and healing loads but also using the axes efficiently (so i was thinking Harriers?) :') Any suggested builds? Thanks :)

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Atm MH axe is more condi heavy. It seems that certain power coefficient only available in PvP/WvW will come to PvE some near time in the future. Might generation on MH is solid though and OH has nice area denial. It lacks movement though and i would recommend WH instead due to hlast finisher and boons.

All in all you can use this set with harrier. You are support focussed eitherway so you will not hit this hart and will camp staff most of the time.Staff 3, swap and WH 5 is a nice double blast combo though and good for burst heals.

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@InsaneQR.7412 said:

@ChartFish.1308 said:In PvP/WvW mainhand axe does
damage. Like forreal. 8k on winters bite + some condi oh baby jesus. Also might generation makes it easy to reach 25 stacks

He asks fir PvE thoughand the increased powercoeff. has not yet been unsplit.As soon as they do i will use Axe again probably.

Same ! The only thing that stop me from using it in open PvE is Splitblade power damage.

I tried to use MH Axe early in the PvP season, but still felt I was gimping myself on the defensive/support side. Weakness is cool and all, but I'll take evade or stealth over it anytime.

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