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Idea to fix pets (without almost any rework)


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Hi, fixing pets so they are able to connect is simple: add an instant cast gap closer as one of the auto attack to all melee pets.

Example: Smokescale is able to connect. And that’s because smoke assault.

Apply the same to all pets: a gap closer with a minimal distance of 600 and no pre-cast animations.Depending on the characteristics (damage and other effects) a CD from 5 seconds to 12 seconds.

Example: brutal charge in canines to double the reach(to 600), remove precast and the rest stays the same. CD 30 seconds.Crippling leap: range 400, remove precast the rest stays the same. CD 10s

This will streamline the skills between merged soulbeast and pets and also should make the merged skills better.

Rest of the families would need same treatment. Smokescale also.

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Well that would improve atleast melee pets, ranged pets still need improves. Spider could get a gluefield instead of just single target. The poisons should be a pet skill and the poisonfield ahould be the F2. You could use it better and it would give soulbeast an instant "sharpening stone" to boost dmg and get some lifesteal.Devourer should get 100% chance of poison on AA and not just 20% .Drakes would need to get their bite be a gap closer.Bears their maul.Etc.

Still would give a lot if work but pets are still a construction site since launch.

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