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(PvE) High up-time Quickness build?


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Deadeye's and Scrappers can achieve perma-quickness with around 35% boon duration. Mesmers I am not sure, but I can't imagine it's much more, point is it's really fun to play all three.

Warriors will likely never be able to get "Perma" quickness, but how about the highest uptime they can get without sacrificing "Too much" damage.

I imagine it's something like this:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vJAQNAoXRnUJCthg9dAWdAciglsADvC/hLxIDupWAQpGU4SBA-jhxIABIpEULdBA8EAyR5n37PYn6PAA-e

I'm using spell-breaker because quickness on interrupts is very easy to achieve considering how predictable all the mobs are, and there's only a 5-sec interval compared to Berserker.Am I forgetting any sources of quickness here? I am already sacrificing most of my damage using Leadership runes, but whatever.. Optimal aint the point here.

Sidenote: I know Guardians can do this with more ease, and get more out of boon-duration, but honestly, I never could get into that class, so I am going to shoehorn it into Warrior instead.

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