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Issues with Ninn and the New Current Events

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First off, if you don't talk to Ninn on THE character who made the Phasic Distortion Reader, he will not progress to the debris step.

To correct this I swapped to a character who did make the Phasic Distortion Reader. I was able to do the debris event, but not Ninn won't progress on that character.


What is going on?

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No idea - I destroyed the reader a few weeks ago. The first character I tried couldn't purchase a replacement in LA because it wasn't in the vendors inventory, nor does Nimm appear in the home instance for that toon. When I tried the character who made the reader, I was able to purchase a replacement but Nimm has no new dialogue. Also I have found 5 unusual debris with that character, but all I got was a map reward message, no sign of any related achievement anywhere.

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Further testing, I actually needed to go back to the debris, and interact again to get a salvage item. I don't know why I didn't get this the first time, or why the achievement progresses without it.

My error may not have been a bug, as I'm not sure if I missed dialog to actually get an item from the debris, if the order messed up, or what went on.

From my experience with this, it's important for others to find the character who originally created the Phasic Distortion Reader. Your other toons can adance some dialog for that original character, so it can be confusing.

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