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Some thoughts on Improving the Revenant


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Nope. Not even going to respond to people who say its too much work. I don't want to hear it. Come up with a better argument.

So Most people seem to think the revenant is the worst class in the game. It isn't, not by a long shot but this doesn't mean that it doesn't have quite a few short comings it honestly shouldn't have. And I'll be addressing those Shortcomings because these are weaknesses that the profession absolutely should not have. To express what this is, its the professions overall lack of real choice. The Lack of choice in skills and weapons specifically. Revenant has the fewest utility skills of any profession and is tied for weapons with Thief which the thief makes up for that by having dual skills while the Revenant does not.

The 6th Utility: First Suggestion is the 6th Utility. Every single legend should have 4 utility skills as opposed to their normal 3. The Revenant is quickly falling further behind other professions and it is extremely noticeable to myself and those who main revenant. Making it the even 4 with Elite and healing would keep them on par with the other professions while also making the revenant less predictable.

New Utility Skill Signets: Second, having 3 utility skills like Signets would work thematically with the revenant as well as be extra options to slot to one of the chosen legends you wish to use. The Signets could act like signets of other professions with no energy cost much like how they worked in GW1 which could give the Revenant a way to fill out their bar in more of a unique way. I feel 3 would be good, as it could replace all of the normal utility from a legend but not the other. This gives them more options to really have it feel like they really do have 2 utility bars as opposed to 2 profession mechanic bards with less options than an engineer's tool kit bar.

Two new weapons for the core Profession(Scepter/focus): I feel that the revenant is really lacking for weapons at the moment, and just having a full 5 skills for weapons could go a long way. Scepter and focus feel like they would be the right fit for them, the Scepter focusing on control while the focus works with energy could make for a unique choice for healer revenants. Revenant's ranged options are very limited as of right now without PoF and even with it its pretty limited compared to many other professions. I feel that giving them a less damage focused couple of ranged weapons that focus on energy management and control could really round them out. These themes for weapons wouldn't be that great for a future elite spec either because of the fact that other elite specs could really use something like that, such as Renegade and Herald.

Adding more skills and utility to the revenant is the right way to go. They need this. The profession as it stands now feels unfinished. And Arena net should work to finish the profession since the majority of the community is pretty down on this profession with an awesome concept and design.

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Why don't people suggest some skill ideas? Since this post is basically "Revenant needs more skills" we should have some examples? I didn't really want to give any but I'll give one I'd like.

Void Fissure: Scepter skill 2. Send out a chilling fissure that grows out as it moves away from you, chilling foes and stripping a boon. This would be a small cone that would function similarly to the beta version of Grasping dead. But expand slightly as it extends. Could be an interesting skill. 2 seconds of chill and a boon strip seems potent in a straight line that moves out from the user.

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1.) Dark Matter: range 900, radius 90, 3 targets, 1sec cast cycle. Target and adjacent foes are struck by a column of mist energy that deals moderate damage and applies vulnerability and torment per foe in the area.

2.) Abyss: range 900, radius 300, 3 targets, duartion 3sec, 15sec recharge, 15e. Foes in target area receive moderate damage and torment and are repeatedly shadow stepped to the middle of it each second.

3.) Quantum Teleportation: range 600, tether shadow step 1200, radius 240, 3 targets, duration 10seconds, 15sec recharge, 15e. Shadow Step away from ground targeted location dealing moderate damage and torment at area and also at your destination. If used again within duration, shadow steps you to original target location dealing moderate damage and torment again.


4.) Spiteful Presence: duration 7sec, recharge 15sec, 15e. Whenever you take condition damage, the source takes an equal amount in return. Some conditions on you with negative effects now also augment you in a reversed nature. (vulnerability=increased outgoing damage, poison = increased outgoing healing, weakness=50% of blows against you are glancing, as examples)

5.) Finite Horizon: radius 300, duration 7sec, 3 allies, recharge 15sec, 15e. -10% condition/damage for every 300 range. Create an area around you that while standing in decreases ranged incoming damage increasingly for more distant targets.

Idk my take on scepter and focus for rev.

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Honestly the Revenant class in GW2 is best compared to a Sorcerer in D&D, whereas unlike a Wizard, he gets LESS skills/spells to choose from and LESS variety but he should have MORE masteries/traits and skill/spell slots to use those skills/spells.

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I like the Scepter/Focus concept, but I would personally reverse it to a Focus/Scepter and place a strong emphasis on using energy from the mists to damage foes. When I say mists, think more about a red & grey hazy celestial fog similar to the celestial mining tools.

Focus Skills:

  1. Create a rift from the mists the strikes 3 times from behind. strike 1 = dmg, then strike 2 = dmg/blind then, strike 3 = dmg/slow the enemy - 900 range
  2. create a chilling rift in the mists to dmg and chill your enemy
  3. create a large rift in the mists to pull the enemy in and teleport away with up to 2 foes plus target in the area. teleports them a distance of 900 - 1000 range from you. has an activation distance of 600 range. means the foes needs to be getting closer to you to use.


  1. create a mist barrier around your foe. This barrier heals allies in the area and dazes your foes when they use a skill and prevents mobility skills(swiftness, stealth, porting). Grants you up to 20 energy - requires you to channel to maintain the mist barrier. Might be better as an utility skill?
  2. create a rift from the mists calling forth 3 energy/mist creatures who copy your foes weapons and attack them. They would use the #3 or #4 weapon skill, then vanish back into the mists.
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