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[NA] Support Chrono LF guild


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I'm looking for a guild that is 18+ (at least no children allowed) that does raids and t4 Fractals 99/100 cms. I have full ascended on my chrono and thief. I can play Staff dps on thief, and power dps chrono/support chrono. I can also learn to play any power cloth/leather class if its needed, but mainly Thief/Mes. I would also love to do WvW (JQ), PvP and open world sit in discord having a good time and messing around in general. My goal is to make new friends, have a good time, and get cool gear.

Leave me something here to look into/apply to, or send me an in game whisper/mail: Pixid.2817

Also, I love turles. Have you ever seen one in real life? Like a big one? They are really cool. Okay. Hope to play soonhttps://imgur.com/a/TyK9N7f

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