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Scribing Issue (maybe not a bug but wtf)

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I recently decided to start learn to scribe and I actually encounter a problem:

When I craft something it just disapear > not in my bag not in the guildhall , not in storage, nowhere to be seen.So when I wanna upgrade it a bit later > from fancy chair to fancy armchair for exemple ... The fancy chair doesn't exist!I've look around a bit and found out in the guild history that it's wirtten

" yumee deposited x1 into Processing. "


I have all the scribing rights on my guild rank and I don't understand the sentence. It's like what I crafted never existed or is in an other dimension ...

Help :(

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@"Inculpatus cedo.9234" said:Here are some articles that may be helpful:


Good luck.

Not helpfull at all sorry but I read it already and this has nothing to do with my problem. I crafted decoration not shematics and it's writting nowhere that decoration goes to processing queu :/ it should go in guild storage as written on the wiki ...

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