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[EU][DD] Drunken Dragons | returning and rebuilding | New/Returning Player Friendly |

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''Bump''Looking for players who are interested in :Raid Trainings,Fractals (we want players who are willing to learn or teach others and improve(through failure you can learn)'' ''' players who are into causal content: Guild Missions, Open World, Achieves, Dungeonsor players who are interested in all of the aboveWe have a guild hall(the Pof one) and we also create a guild lottery each month!Discord is Required B)

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Hello. I am a Level 27 Guardian and getting quite good at playing this game. I am an old MMO player, usually FFXI. Of course I'm not old, just the eightees generation, who simply preferred the enjoyment of discovering the possibilites to get "lost in translation" on a computer.:-) So anyway, this sounds like the perfect Guild for me, as I prefer to be less serious and a bit more social/casual once in a while. If I can even be drunk all at the same time, this really is a lifesaver.

So please add me as soon as possible, if you would have me that is?


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