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Olmakhan Mantle: still no effect on Charr horns??

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@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:It's not necessary to use 2 Total Makeover Kits to access the 'bug'. You need only swap the gender inside the kit to access the 'bugged' horns, and then change the gender back, once selected.

You mean make use only of the preview, not actually using up any kits?

Hmm, doesn't work with my female Charr thief. I currently have no kit, so I used the NPC instead, but to no avail. Do you need a set of specific horns?

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I wouldn't have made this thread if I had been able to find said thread on here. ;) (What's "GD", by the way? Did you mean the "Guild Wars 2 Discussions"?)

I will google now, thanks.


UPDATE: Okay, so this does work via Makeover NPC preview as well. However, you can only apply the effect on a specific pair of horns.

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