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[Revenant] All "Power Shiro" needs is more HP sustain & stability on legend swap


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@Alatar.7364 said:It needs more Stunbreaks and wider utility array.

More stunbrakes? It has good acces to stunbrakes, for swithing legends plus legends got one stunbrake in utillity. Stop using all you energy in burst rotation at start of the battle, it is predictable, enemie can dodge, block or whatever and you dont have energy so enemie easilly counter burst you. Revenant is great, have good survavibility (i play with zerk amulet), use blocks and evades, you have bunch of it. (and use shield, 3 secs can give time for CD and energy recharge, plus heal). .. Rev is maybe not the meta but it is not garbage, even in condi meta he was viable (even more to be honest). Sure the powercreep makes it hard to play anything outside the meta but rev is not THAT bad.

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Anet needs to be careful in buffing shiro rev. It's fast and does insane damage. Give it too much sustain and it will become god tier overnight. It's already a pretty decent team fighter when paired with a firebrand, but it needs better access to condi cleanse. It shouldn't be as strong of a 1v1er as slower, more-focused-on-side-node specs so Anet needs to be weary of giving it more direct damage sustain.

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@FtoPScrub.5476 said:Anet needs to be careful in buffing shiro rev. It's fast and does insane damage.


With his 20+ stack of might and quickness applied : make easily 4k on AA with sword : That can be deadly in a VERY SHORT time.

And : I often do some fights with a mate who play rev well. And if it's well played, the revenant is already hard to catch/hit for a CC.

I would say that power shiro doesnt need more stab, but it needs more condi clean, that's sure.

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