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Kari Wahlgren (Caithe VA) is voicing again for GW2 (rumour)


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Based on Kari Wahlgren Behind the Scenes we can deduce that she records brand new lines for her character- Caithe. video

Caithe really interests me because she was in Tarir taking care of Aurene, but then Aurene couldn't be stopped and Caithe and the Exalted couldnt manage to bring her back. Then we couldn't see Caithe chasing after Aurene. When I saw Aurene when we were about to die, I thought after our 'Departing' she would be among Canach, Kas and Rytlock.

Did she stay in Tarir, went to visit Pale Tree to seek her wisdom, or maybe visit the old friends like Zojja? Or maybe she was watching from the shadows?

What answer will she give us?

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The title itself is a spoiler, if you can please change it for those who don't want to be spoiled. "Kari Wahlgren is voicing again for GW2" is a slightly better title.

That said, voice actors rarely play a singular role, so we cannot say with strong certainty that Caithe will be returning to the plot, though it'd be nice if she did since she's suppose to watch over Aurene. I wouldn't have expected her during PoF (not until the end, at least, like Ellen, Faren, and Marjory) but it is a bit odd she wasn't in Daybreak or A Bug in the System, or even mentioned outside of Taimi's out-of-story discussions in PoF.

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