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Sylvari head texture needs a little tweak...

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I'm a huge fan of the hairstlye in the below image, where's mostly shaved/bald on one side and very long on the other. So I was super-stoked to find one of the exclusive hair styles for Sylvari in the self-style hair kit was exactly that.

Unfortunately, it wasn't all great. It raised the issue that, especially on lighter-skinned Sylvari, the texture on the back of the head looks... a bit like laminate flooring.


You can kinda see it in the photo below as well, with the green skin. From behind, though, it really looks like a bunch of straight lines and when the skin is light, it looks like floorboards.

I get the effect they were going for, but I think the skin texture could do with a little reworking. Make the lines curve a bit more, give them more of a natural feel, maybe?


It was so off-putting that I had to go change hair again. No matter what I did, my eyes kept getting drawn to the floorboards on my head.

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