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a little idea for ATs


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Hey everyone!

I recently posted a discussion called "Team Play" where I had a nice talk with some of you about 5v5 leadboard in ranked. As said in that post and as a lot of people continue to write, the most important thing is to keep separated solo/duo Q with a possible team Q.So I was thinking about a new thing that maybe our dear ArenaNet can read.

ANet worked and is working hard for ours ATs and mATs and I really appreciate this. But at the same time I miss the old gw1 guild-ladder. So I was thinking: a lot of people don't want soloQ and teamQ togheter (and they are right), and I also think that a teamQ should incentivate GUILD play. So why if ANet add a way to get points from ATs and mATs if you play with your guild?Let me explain better: when I join an AT or a mAT I can decide to sing up as a team or as a guild, so if I join as a team nothing happen and it is the same AT, but if I join as a Guild then my result goes on a Guild based leadboard. In that way all the work ANet put on tournametns will be rewarded and the community can start again to play in a competitive team leadboard.So if this thing became real the guilds are incentivated to play in ATs and the gameplay should be better because if I play always with my guild I will improve more than playings with pugs, the matchmaking remain the same and it will be a organized team vs organized team thing, and finally we will have a reason to play with a guild in pvp. Obviously then we'll need some more ATs a day etc, but ANnet is already working on it.

Let's discuss!And if you like this idea let's spread it so maybe ANet will se it :)

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