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[MAMO] New Heart of Thorns Guild - All keen PVE players with expansion welcome!


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MAMO is looking for keen PVE players to join our new and exciting guild.

Both Guild leaders play most evenings going through the Heart of Thorns Meta's and just generally exploring all PVE areas.

We are keen to enjoy other parts of the game but have no experience in PVP, WVW, etc.

Experts and beginners are most welcome, the more the merrier.

Message me in game for an invite!

P.S. We have just unlocked our guild hall and it is looking pretty empty, help us and we will make the time to help you with whatever you need in game!

Also we named this guild terribly...Marcus Moxxi [MAMO] wish we could change it - spur of the moment thing (names of our pets!)

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Some questions since the thread you posted in Players Helping Players is now gone -

Is your guild NA or EU?Are you solely focused on HoT map meta events, or a combination of meta events and hero point/mastery point runs?Is your plan to stay semi-focused on HoT content even though the new xpac drops next week?What is the majority availability, as in days/times of the week (NA weekday evenings, for example)?

Was just curious, and good luck to you regardless!

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