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Gem purchase snafu / bag slot mistake

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Alright so short story bought 2800 gems with $40 cash all was fine.. bought the account jumpstart it all worked fine but I made a mistake with it, I didt fully read what they all did I applied my new bank tabs no problem but the bags I didt know that the bags weren't account wide.. I had no idea that they were character based not account based.. so I used them on my alt I will probably never play..

what I am hoping is that you guys can just like.. transfer the 2 new bag slots from that character to my necro main, it would be a huge help.. from now on I like read everything haha totally learned my lesson.. thanks for your time greatly appreciated!

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@"NawlinsAngel.5137" said:I assumed bag expansions were account wide, too, and am currently having a difficult time getting support to reply to my tickets. Were you able to get your bag slots transferred? I'm just curious.

(1) You're replying to a four-month old post(2) From the description of the bag slot expansion, "Add an extra bag slot to a character's inventory. Each character can unlock up to 5 additional bag slots. " (emphasis added)(3) Support is currently backed up. It might be 3 weeks (or longer) before you get a reply on a non-urgent issue.

FYI in the future, don't buy bag slot expansions directly from the BLTC. Instead, open up the inventory of the character you want to have it. On the left side, below the existing bag slots, you'll see a 'lock' icon. Double-click and purchase from there (it will include any discounts, if available). This will prevent you from applying to the wrong character.

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